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For All Your Tubing Needs
Copper | Brass | Aluminum | Bi-metal | Leak Detector | Forge Fin | ID Enhancements | Custom Drawn
Cut to Specification | Standard Mill Lengths | Annealed | Deburred | Fabricated

Competitive Price
Our prices are competitive. We will quote you on specific items.

Personalized Service
Our efforts are directed toward getting to know you and your tubing needs.Slideshow

Other Services Available:
Tumble Deburring
Wire-Brush and Vibrator Deburring
Plating Including Silver and Tin

Tubing Product Availability
To Fill Your Demands
Copper, Brass and Aluminum are available in all of the common alloys. Lengths as short as .050 inches and as long as 72 feet. Speciality tubes such as bimetal mechanically bonded tubes of various combinations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Consult mill for items not shown.

To Better Serve You
Our policy is to draw on previous experience to help satisfy your requirements with the best quality product available. Special service and prompt delivery are part of our standard procedure.

Specially Designed Equipment
Our custom-designed equipment will hold closer tolerances at higher production speeds to help produce large or small orders economically.